Ely Earth Cafe: Climate Crisis & Democratic Engagement in Local Climate Action

On Thursday 17 August 2023 the Ely Earth Cafe is looking at East Cambridgeshire District Council’s is looking at the recently approved 2023-24 Environment Plan (Climate Action) and will start discussions on how this year’s plan and future yearly plans can be monitored to order to evaluate their success in reducing carbon emissions.

Anyone is welcome to attend, but please use the booking form. It’s free to attend but as space is limited we need to get an idea of numbers. If you can’t attend please cancel your booking via Eventbrite.

Over the next couple of weeks we will look at each of the 20 top commitments in the Environment Plan for 2023-24 as agreed by ECDC on 19th June 2023.

The plan consists of four themes:

Theme 1: Taking Direct Action to reduce the Council’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions (more details)

Theme 2: Taking Direct Action to Support Nature Recovery in East Cambridgeshire (more details)

Theme 3: Supporting Others to Take Action (more details)

Theme 4: Policies, Decision Taking, Accreditation and Recognition (more details)

Background Reading

Here are a collection of articles and papers and a video that will provide some background reading to the discussions. Click of the images below to view the full document or video.