Sustainable Living - What Can I Do?

How Can I Help?

In the face of a big challenge, the right approach is often to take lots of small steps together that work. We need to reduce our own carbon footprint and we need to collectively push for change on a local and national level. Climate change may feel overwhelming and something beyond your control but there’s so much that you can do to help. Together we can create a better future for everyone the world over. Find out more about what you can do to help.

You can help through actions such as reducing your use of transport, changing your energy source, altering your food choices, taking fewer flights, switching from driving a car to cycling, buying energy-efficient products and insulating your home. If you want some inspiration or ideas, take a look at our extensive list of resources.

As a Resident of
East Cambs:

• Join EastCambs CAN.
• Talk to your local councillors and Mayor about local action.
• Join a local group - pick a cause and find like-minded people.
• Respond to local consultations.

As a Professional:

• Is there a professional body or a pressure group you could join that focuses on environmental issues?
• Are there petitions and Government consultations you could respond to?
• Do you have specific knowledge that would be helpful to a climate action group or could help shape party policy?

For Schools and Students:

Here are some useful links where you can also sign up for Eco Charter

As an Employee
or Employer:

• Does your business have a Net Zero plan?
• Could you install renewable energy or EV charging?
• Do you offer employee benefits that encourage low-carbon travel?
• Can you increase biodiversity on your premises?

As a Citizen:

• Contact your MP and make clear that the climate emergency is an important issue to you and that they need to take urgent action. MPs care about what their constituents think so let them know. Suggest topics and problems that need to be addressed. The pressure from constituents has reinstated the ban on fracking in the UK. Advice on how to contact them can be found here.
• Support national campaigns from groups like Friends of the Earth. It might often seem like signing a petition doesn’t actually change anything, but it’s an easy way to demonstrate that a lot of people care about a particular issue. It helps organisations to make a case for change.
• Donate to a cause you identify with. Every small sum makes a difference.
• Get out on the street by joining and supporting protests and demonstrations. You will be able to connect with others who are concerned about the same things as you. It’s not only energising and motivating but it works! There would be no Climate Change Act or Net Zero target without these types of protest movements.
• Join a political party. All political parties have groups that care about the environment and members can help shape policy. We need to put Net Zero at the centre of all parties’ policy planning.