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Five Climate Asks

We are asking all parish councils and East Cambridgeshire District Council to sign up for our five climate asks. Our group presented our Five Climate Asks at the East Cambridgeshire Parish Council conference on 3rd May 2022.

United for Warm Homes and Help with the Energy Crisis

A growing movement, United for Warm Homes is a collection of community groups and activists campaigning for warm homes for all.

Five Climate Asks

These 5 requests were:

1. To declare a climate emergency.
2. To work with us to help improve electric vehicle charging infrastructure locally.
3. To redraft neighbourhood plans to encourage community renewable energy developments like wind and solar schemes, support active travel and place new requirements on landlords and developers to improve energy efficiency.
4. To publicly state support for divestment from fossil fuel.
5. To support and facilitate wildlife conservation and ecosystem restoration locally.


  • Four parish councils have provisionally agreed to sign up for the Five Climate Asks campaign; Burwell, Little Downham, Sutton and Ely City.
  • The district council are now installing 20 EV charging points instead of 6 in council-owned car parks. 
  • A quarterly climate forum meeting has now been initiated to allow concerned local residents and community groups to meet.

In declaring a climate emergency, an organisation admits that climate change is a real and immediate threat and that the measures taken up to this point are not enough to limit the changes brought by it.  Here

United for Warm Homes and Help with the Energy Crisis

There are millions of people fearing that they will be unable to pay their fuel bills this winter due to soaring gas prices.

United for Warm Homes is campaigning for solutions such as upgrading homes with insulation, urgent financial support and fixing our failed energy system by powering our homes with cheap and clean renewables.

We are fully backing and supporting this important national campaign and we are looking at concrete actions we can do in East Cambs to help.

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