East Cambs District Council’s Theme 2: Direct Action to Support Nature Recovery in East Cambridgeshire

What's East Cambs District Council doing about climate change?

East Cambs District Council has set a long-term vision for a Cleaner, Greener East Cambridgeshire. This includes reversing the decline in nature, delivering net zero carbon emissions for the Council’s operations and helping others reduce their emissions. Under it’s Environment Plan for 2023-24. The Environment Plan has 20 top commitments during this financial year grouped under four themes. This post is looking at the first of these four themes:-

Theme 2: Taking Direct Action to Support Nature Recovery in East Cambridgeshire

This covers what the council is doing in East Cambridgeshire.

If you want to discuss this with East Cambs District Council representatives come to the August 2023 Ely Earth Cafe organised by East Cambs Climate Action Network.


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