Biodiversity & Rewilding

Find links to local gardening groups, expert advice and tips for how to create space for wildlife.

Rewilding Britain: Rewilding focus on creating a brighter future for both us and nature.

Wildlife Trust BCN: Discover Local Nature Reserves

IRecord: Record animal sightings at iRecord to support research and decision-making at a local and national level.

RHS: Find out about bee-friendly planting to encourage our pollinators.

CBA: Learn about the Cambridgeshire beekeeping association and how you could get involved.

Wildlife Trust BCN: Discover the Wildlife Trust for Beds, Cambs and Northants.

CPRE: Read about CPRE Cambs who campaign for solutions to safeguard the future of the countryside.

Butterfly Conservation: iRecord Butterflies is a guide to identifying butterflies and add sightings to inform the work of butterfly conservation.

IDA: Learn how to minimise light pollution in your garden.

Hedgehog Street: Find out how you can help support hedgehogs in your neighbourhood.

RHS: RHS offer further information on how to help our declining bees.

On The Verge: Find out about On the Verge, a group of locals that create pollinator-friendly parks, patches and verges.

Cambridge University Botanic Garden: Discover Cambridge Botanical Gardens and how you can visit the Dry Garden.

Learn about how to protect and restore Peatlands and The Great Fen.


The Great Fen