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Join us in the race against Climate Change.
Local Action

Building a Better Future

East Cambridgeshire Climate Action Network (CAN) was formed in 2020 with help from Friends of the Earth. We are a not-for-profit community group responding to the climate emergency. We focus on taking practical steps to locally reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, speed up the transition to a NetZero Carbon Emissions society and restore spaces for wildlife.

There are groups that focus on direct action, such as the Ely Extinction Rebellion, and single issues, such as the Ely Cycle Campaign, alongside major conservation charities like the National Trust and local councillors who are working to act on the 2019 Climate Emergency Declaration. Our role is to act as a hub, facilitating collaboration between all these groups, local government, individuals and businesses. We want to give local residents all the information they need to reduce their emissions, cut their energy costs and promote community-wide action.

“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” - Martin Luther King

Take Action Against the Biggest Threat Facing Humanity

It is not enough to simply wait for central government to take action. Nothing will change without people taking the initiative and putting pressure on those in positions of power to make the changes we need. In the face of such big challenges, it can seem overwhelming, but the lesson from the civil rights movement is that the more people who put their energy into forcing change, the more we will achieve.

We, as individuals and as a collective group, have a lot of power to change things. By working with the parish, district and county councils, local businesses, community groups and the combined authority, we can take steps to help tackle climate change on our doorstep. We can also create our own initiatives such as community renewable energy schemes as has been done elsewhere. We need active hope that we create through our actions rather than blind optimism.

Why Choose Us

East Cambs: Committed to Combatting Climate Change

In 2019, East Cambridgeshire District Council declared a climate emergency. In doing so, they committed to actively work towards a more sustainable and greener future. As a group, East Cambs CAN will continue to push the district council to up their ambition on action to protect the climate and nature. Here are some of their actions so far:

Creating greater access to sustainable processes for the public.

Reducing carbon emissions from council-run buildings.

Supporting low-income homes with energy costs and grants for insulation.

Hiring a full-time climate change officer to drive forward action on environmental issues.

The council have pledged that its operations will be net zero carbon emissions by 2040 at the latest.

Switching to renewable energy - the council is planning to install solar panels on local authority-owned buildings and EV charging points in council car parks.

Investing in green spaces in the area to help create new wildlife habitats and lock up carbon with tree planting.