Turtle Dove Landowner Training – Wilburton

The  and the RSPB’s ‘Operation Turtle Dove’ are organising a training event for landowners on Tuesday 11thJuly 2023 near Wilburton in East Cambridgeshire.

Turtle doves are the fastest-declining bird in the UK. Operation Turtle Dove aims to reverse that by building on research throughout their migratory route and establishing feeding habitats throughout their core breeding areas by working with farmers and landowners.

Turtle doves have declined by 93 per cent since the 1970s. 
They are ecologically unique in the UK as our only migratory dove species and face a range of threats.
Current research shows the main factor driving the decline is a reduction of nesting attempts during their breeding season. This has been linked to a decline of fitness as a result of loss of suitable habitat and availability of their natural food sources.
One of the key objectives is to work with farmers and landowners to establish and manage turtle dove habitat within current and new agri-environment schemes. Bethany Kiamil from RSPB – Operation Turtle Dove is working with local farmers and has facilitated the formation of the “Ely Nature-Friendly Farming Zone” that started in the winter of  2017/2018 and the group now has over 20 farmers who farm an area that covers approximately 8700 hectares.

Bethany Kiamil from RSPB – Operation Turtle Dove
Please email info@newlifeoldwest.org.uk if you are interested in coming along to the training.

Wicken Fen nature reserve in bid to boost turtle doves

Click here to read more about this project as reported on BBC News 15 December 2023.

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