Running a Clothes Swap (Swishing Event)

We are looking for people who would like to set up a Swishing Event or a clothes swap in Ely and in other parts of East Cambridgeshire.

Why Swap Clothes?

The clothing and textiles industry produces around 10% of global carbon emissions and is the world’s second largest industrial polluter. Clothes swaps are a practical way for local communities to take part in the circular economy/sharing economy at a grassroots level. They provide an easy viable alternative to buying new clothes (perfect for those on a low income), whilst also providing a way for people to recycle clothes easily, reducing the risk of clothing contaminating recycling waste streams.

What is a Clothes Swap and Who Runs Them?

Clothes swaps are brilliant community-building events that can be good fundraisers. Swaps can be run between friends and family and by community groups, schools, colleges, villages, and workplaces. To date,  in Cambridge, PTAs, green groups, Cambridge colleges and companies like Abcam and Cambridge University Press have set them up with the help of Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s  Swaps are brilliant community-building events that can be good fundraisers too.
There were swishing events in Ely a few years ago, but East Cambridgeshire Climate Action Network is keen to reactivate them across East Cambridgeshire. If interested, please contact Peter Bates email

Free Online Session on How to Run a Swish in Your Community

In addition, Cambridge Carbon Footprint (CCF) are also running a free online session on Tuesday 13 Feb 2024, 7:00pm – 7:45pm. To join this training please email Nicole at CCF with your name, email, location, and the name of any organisation that you might be representing.

You can also get additional information from the CCF website click here

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