New Green Champion online course for businesses

Investors in the Environment (iiE) have launched the Green Champion Course for businesses. This course will provide learners with the skills to understand their organisation’s environmental impact and the tools to implement an effective Environmental Management System to make improvements.

Everyone and every business has a role to play in a sustainable future. As a green champion, iiE aims to empower employees with solutions that will make a difference.

This short online course is delivered through our e-Learning platform; learners can work through modules at their own pace and take practical steps to create change. It will give you the foundational knowledge to improve your organisation’s environmental performance, covering topical areas such as:

  • Carrying out basic environmental audits
  • Using data to track performance & influence decision making
  • Developing action plans and setting targets
  • Practical tools to cut carbon and waste
  • How to engage staff/ co-workers and communicate your commitment to sustainability

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