Learn about Biodiversity Net Gain – Amy Robinson

In May 2024 the East Cambridgeshire Climate Action Network hosted an online Zoom meeting on Biodiversity Net Gain where Amy Robinson, Senior Ecologist at East Cambridgeshire District Council talked about the new legislation that came into force on the 12 February 2024. From this date all new planning development applications have to show that their development will have at least 10% Biodiversity Net Gain.

Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) is an approach to development, land and marine management that leaves biodiversity in a measurably better state than before the development took place. Currently, although certain sites are protected, there are limited mechanisms to value, maintain, enhance or create wider habitats. As a result, habitats continue to be lost to development, reducing nature’s ability to connect and thrive. In the future, most developments will need to deliver a minimum 10% BNG.

BNG is additional to existing habitat and species protections. Intended to reinforce the mitigation hierarchy, BNG aims to create new habitat as well as enhance existing habitats, ensuring the ecological connectivity they provide for wildlife is retained and improved.

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