How to get your local clean energy project funded

This publication “How to get your local clean energy funded” produced by Thrive Renewables provides some good guidance on how to get funding and it includes some good case studies of how local communities set about doing this. They are a renewable energy company and have been working to reduce emissions and tackle the climate emergency since 1994. It was is established as the Wind Fund plc by Triodos Bank at the time less than 2% of electricity was produced by renewables. 

Thrive Renewables have invested £16 million into community-led wind and solar projects and are always looking to empower more people to take control of their energy supply. Here’s how their multi award-winning community funding offer works: –

Although East Cambridgeshire Climate Action Network does not recommend that local Community Energy groups should use Thrive Renewables, as there are also other funding mechanisms available, we do recommend that you down and read the publication “How to get your local clean energy funded” 

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