Friends of the Earth: Please sign this open letter to unleash renewable energy

Friends of the Earth (FoE) are asking people to sign their open letter in support of ending restictions on onshore wind. 

They say: it’s time to release our mighty wind – and no, not the kind you might think I mean. We already benefit from renewable wind and solar energy. But this country could produce so much more. Their new research has found there are suitable sites in England to generate
13 times more clean energy overall than we do now. Enough to power
our homes today.


So, with the upcoming general election, let’s make sure our next prime minister lets nature do its thing and release our wind.


Sign our the FoE letter asking party leaders to harness the power of cheap, homegrown renewable energy: 


If the next government is to stand a chance of meeting the commitment to cut emissions by two-thirds by 2030, then it must scale up renewables. That’s why FoE are  calling on politicians to release our wind. To slash sky-high energy bills lining the pockets of polluting fossil fuel giants. And drastically cut carbon emissions by using the immense potential of wind
and solar.


They are calling on all major political parties to commit to lifting restrictions on onshore wind in England. And to promise investment in the energy grid, so we can fully benefit from this country’s potential for renewables.

It’s also vital that local authorities identify suitable areas for renewables. And communities are properly engaged in plans, so that people and nature get the most from renewables in their area.