Enabling smart local energy systems

We live, work and travel in regions, cites, towns and communities, but energy systems are still very centralised. UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)’s Prospering from the Energy Revolution programme has explored the potential of smart local energy systems and place-based approaches the a £104 million, five-year programme. The programme ended in March 2023, leaving a rich legacy of evidence on the potential of, and barriers to, locally-integrated energy.

This programme asked: what if we could bring together energy supply, storage and use to create energy-smart places, enabled by the latest technologies? Could we balance supply and demand locally, improve flexibility and resilience, save costs and carbon, and create new ways of living with energy?

The result: a rich bank of learning and evidence that will help everyone working to unlock the potential of place-based energy.

Innovate UK has compiled a microsite of the programme’s insights, creating a valuable resource for anyone looking into local and regional approaches to energy.