20 mph speed limit proposed for City of Ely

Update 24 December 2023

On the 20 December 2023 the Cambridgeshire County Council approved turning most of the City of Ely into a 20 mph traffic Zone. More details can be found on the County Council website. As funding had already been allocated for this, it should be implicated by the end of March 2024 – when the money has to be spent. Additional speed calming measures (raised areas) were not approved, at present, under this this Traffic Regulation Order.

The County Council stated that they had received 195 responses with more 62% supporting the proposal and 33% again it after the deadline for responses had been extended into September 2023. The updated area cover is shown on the map below.

Original article 11 August 2023

Cambridgeshire County Council has recently launched a consultation on the proposal for a 20 mph speed limit for the whole of Ely. This follows a unanimous request by the City of Ely Council and Liberal Democratic County Councillors Piers Coutts (Ely South) and Alison Whelan (Ely North) who have been working with officers at County Highways to design a draft 20mph scheme for Ely.

The County Council is looking forward to hearing residents’ views on the proposed plans. Funding for the scheme has been identified, and if it meets general approval it could be in place within the next seven months. The Statutory documents are available to view online here. A map of the area covered is below:-

Lower car speeds don't increase pollution

Although some motorcar lobbyists have claimed that lower speeds have increased pollution, the evidence seems to suggest that this is not the case. In fact, a 20 mph speed limit does make it safer for people to cycle – particularly for children travelling to school or college. Over time, roads could be reduced in width enabling cyclists, e-scooters and pedestrians to have more space. Roads can be closed to become play-areas. There would not be a need to create speed bumps in roads enabling bus passengers to have a more pleasant smoother journey on electric buses.

A littérature review conducted in 2018  – “The state of the evidence on 20mph speed limits with regards to road safety, active travel and air pollution impacts” describes some of this evidence. Click on images below for more evidence. Submit your feedback to the Count Council by clicking the button below.

Comments are particularly welcome from those supporting the 20 mph speed limit. The Deadline is the 29 September 2023. If the proposal meets with general support then it will go ahead – for completion by the end of March 2024.